Thursday, May 30, 2013


Forgive my google education if I'm wrong,
But RNA is a single strand gene, DNA is a double helix..
I read flowers have 20 strands, I've read of sirian something which is evolution involving a higher strand count, and that we (our species) likely had just RNA in paleo times.

So our flowers more evolved than us?
Should we think flower...

<edit-- thinking bee???? .. Clue to my joke..>

If our DNA strand evolved from single strand to a double strand helix though, wouldn't it make sense that the next step in evolution would be triple or even quadruple or more stranded helix?
And what exactly would that entail for our kind?
If a flower is a 20 strand (or other higher number) DNA, and they eat water and sun -how would we evolve if we listened to the "pyramid food guide" ?? How can we listen to a government telling us how we need to live -and still expect to be able to evolve, if our species can't diverge, or adapt to different situations there is no hope for us.

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