Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Magnetic foods?

I just sliced a banana from end to the other over two slices of bread.
These pieces of bread happened to be opposing ends; both rounded On one side balanced softly on the counter below smeared in their buttery peanut spread.
The banana was sliced evenly, as usual , and directly over the first slice of just browned toast, rolling off the knife; if A side was touching the topside of the knife while slicing, then when it fell off it rolled to z down, a up. However; as I but merely moved my position a dick to the left, the still evenly sliced pieces of the divinely ripened banana now slid gently off- if a side was now facing down and touching the top of the blade-it remained flat, sliding down to keep  A side on the peanuty cream.
Can anyone explain why this would happen?
The knife was likely magnetically charged due to the knife being held in place by a magnetic bar -- but could the banana or loaf of bread have that strong of a magnetic field as to change the magnetic pull?
If a banana, or loaf of bread could -- how could the moon NOT affect humans?
Or rather, a train? 
If parasites are often commonly found in our brains-proven to affect our behavior, why is it such a stretch to believe the magnetic field is just as affected? And what does it say about those more strongly pulled by magnets or parasites?

^^^^ that is an edit of v vvvv

2 ends of a single loaf of bread having opposing magnetic fields to attract the pull of the banana being sliced above?

The banana slices starting flipping when sliced on the first piece of the loaf, and had not been flipping but instead, sliding off the knife of the precedingly layered end-piece of the same loaf. Indicating an opposing pull.

I wonder if that affects me when I eat it.
Or perhaps its just due to the fact that the knife had garnered a magnetic energy by being held in place by a magnet.

If our magnetic fields expanded to be actually strong magnets, like, we possessed a magnetic force within our bodies, but that force superimposed it so into the DNA strand so genetic magnetism.
There would have to be a "negative" and positive charge within humans to keep balance- would negative be bad?

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