Wednesday, November 13, 2013


If BBC added randomizing feature sizes (like you know how they have a-z, then aa,ab,ac,ad,ae... Ba, bb,bc,bd,-bz,ca-cz,,zz,aaz-azz-zzz,azzz-azzzz...They can continue on indefinitely without repeating a combination. I don't know who they is or what they are combining but applied to generic faces----)
Would that make it better?
Would you notice each difference?
Would you notice SOME difference?
What percentage?

Are you a better person because you can tell bcyldjrbv apart from shush dh?
(Look^^ we've evolved to include spaces!)
What does it mean when you can't see HF without seeing he. Even though they have the same amount of connections as any other combination...
Their appearances may be too close to discern.

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