Sunday, November 3, 2013


How long will you keep food in the fridge PAST edibility?
Yknow when food gets to that point where you are like ehh... I *might* consider eating that- how long would you keep something in the fridge after that?

I've heard comments of fuzzy dishes in the fridge, and I have seen moldy products in fridges before.
It's like one of the grossest things to me.

Do you think this is a problem with society, due to availability to food? And demands placed that make it difficult to consume food to functionly benefit.

Or is it a problem with an individual being wasteful, or ignorant to food shortages?

Is this not a problem to anyone else ? Does it happen to anyone else?
How often does it happen to you, or that you see?

My friends told me she spent 35$ on groceries for about 10 days worth of food.
I would be licking my fridge and floors for nutrients with what I would manage to buy with that money.
And yet I wonder if she ever has bad food to throw away?

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