Tuesday, May 13, 2014


its pretty unanimously agreed that wishing a person had as miscarriage or stillbirth is an unfathomably inhumane thing to say.
and yet, i see continuously around me how easy it flies off the tongue to wish karma's repayment.
this confuses me because, presuming both the person wishing a specific karmic fate and the person wishing a generalized karmic fate had the same feeling and situation it would theoretically work out to the same meaning, if the specific karmic fate wisher was "correct" in their karmic hopes.

its also pretty clear to me that just because someone wishes for a miscarriage does not mean a miscarriage will happen.
although i do believe in mind over matter, so perhaps i see potential but the karmic bestowing wisher would have to wish harder for a stillbirth than the karmic receiver wished for a healthy baby. i really don't think this would be a likely scenario.

however, say it was an occurrence - perhaps karma is actually intended to lift people... theyve made mistakes, and karma is there to offer them the same mistake again to make the correct choice.
loss is sometimes, sadly, and unfortunately right.
i wish someone had wished a miscarriage for me. i believe my third pregnancy was an opportunity to rectify past wrongs; i needed to stand up for myself. i needed to be in control of myself and not allow anyone to take advantage over me in that moment. my weakness were shown and i held strong.

if i wished someone a happy and easy life, that could be as torturous for a soul with many lessons to learn, keeping them from being able to learn because they are manipulated instead to a happy reality, as a person who wants a baby being wished a miscarriage. because we can't see what would best benefit each lives, to wish a miscarriage could truly work to be wishing a person a very fulfilling life they may not have otherwise had without said miscarriage.

i just like to wish for what is meant to be.
its not always good.. its not always happy.. and thats right. 

so any readers i may have *fingers crossed* is wishing any karmic retribution acceptable? or is it best left to the fates?

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