Monday, June 23, 2014

I can't think of what to say here. Height advantage?

Is looking at one another Eye to eye a sign of respect?
But should the shorter person raise or taller person lower?
Or should they have a more vertical relationship? 
Would you have a growth spurt willingly to be as tall as another?
If you step back a few feet and can look each other in the eye although on a slanted incline; is it just the ease of gaze?
I changed my perspective (from outward to inwards for just the first sentence.) ...Now I've overthought this. ..

I think its really important to have an easy gaze between all conversers to ensure all parties are equally understood, and therefore respected.

Secondary part..
I've moved on to wondering if an xx chromosome with the say, first x "on" can  switch x's and if so, if they could present an entirely different structure, and also if you could have partial of each x?
Because my knee has since 9 when I bumped my knee on the stairs been affecting the growth of my calf and they never lined up, the Achilles tendon has always built to the side not center. So when I broke my ankle this released the poor hold to open the door for a proper form (I'm still working on, good basis) that's not clear is it my Achilles tenon broke and it killed or pulled out the whole leg muscle, it was like a fresh opportunity and I set my ankle properly (the bulging side tendon caused it to grow at an angle) better?

It makes so much sense in my head.
I just can't imagine I'm a rarity in this case; muscles are not utilized properly. Humans are weapons with skill society is in place to keep us from finding our full strength. 
:. I laughed at work the other day and then couldn't stop because I sounded exactly like the lunatic was in my head.

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