Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Squirrels and bees.

Is it speciest or whatever to paint all squirrels at my house as enemies because my garden was nibbled on multiple times by "them"?
I used to feed them peanuts, even with a cat and dog, the animals were taught to not bark or chase them.. But then came my garden problems, and I encouraged my dog to scare them (and the raccoons ) off... Now a squirrel came for the forgotten peanut butter jar, something I have always allowed and I coaxed my dog into running the squirrel.. Perhaps not a garden thieving squirrel, but a general squirrel- off my deck and property.

And what is with these fucking bees? I let them live, time Nd time again Nd now they act like they are at home in my home, not just spared in the belief of non-return.
When they are swatted away they buzz intensely while clinging , raging against the door or wall or whatever, until the seeming anger dissipates and they slick their antennas back... I can almost hear them saying its Ok it's cool. I've got it under control. I'm impressed by bees rage control. 
OMG. It's in my hair. 

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