Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm just a social-loon.

When you don't agree with people who feel right ...Do you just avoid the issue?
Try to change them?
Try to change yourself? (If even just your own understandings)
Attempt to manipulate them into getting help?
Insist they need help?

This can go for anything, off the cuff - abusive relationships like the song in the other post, (Lana del something? Hit feels like a kiss?)or, mental illness- like the guy who believes in shadow boxing..
Can both parties be right?
I think if people are ok with being hit, that's fine. I don't think all violence is wrong, however, even if I feel its their choice, I admit I still think they will eventually, with growth, feel violence is wrong. I don't think it could be healthy long term. But I wonder if I'm wrong. I do believe experiencing pain has made me stronger - but for me I hurt myself so much to have added intentional pain would seem dehumanizing. But I think if I wasnt so clumsy and hurting myself I might enjoy more pain. Some people find it arousing, why not just straight enjoyable? Or beneficial if not even enjoyable. I mean I don't always like healthy foods I eat but they make me feel good.
With shadow boxing example personally I think at least some if not all "crazy" people are seeing into other worlds. They may genuinely be crazy because they can't overlap properly (think; fringe when the two buildings overlapped and them and their doubles were all intwined) but I also think some can line up well and just see more than others and still be seen as crazy and part of me wants to go alongside the shadow boxing side then part of me thinks; if people are legit in need of mental help I don't want to influence them not to.
And then I think, what if crazy? Coz I understand shadow boxing. Explicitly. 
I can separate realities but I find that its not just MY reality that blends but that the plane we all live together on is already divided... We are all living in a multi plane.  It's just the more planes you live on or witness make you a little crazier. 

I think when one "goes with their gut" they are simply seeing the chess board of another reality for a moment they can't explain and utilizing that snapshot to making the game theirs.

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