Thursday, June 26, 2014


I've got my a-game on the beginning of this here mosquito season. I'm ahead 12-4.
I just got bit on my ass. I can't see or feel it so it only itches if I touch it which hardly even counts but, it makes 4.
And I have an entire ecosystem brewing in my house.
I leave the doors open all summer long when possible.
Ladybugs hibernated in my high top kitchen cieling all winter, while spiders grew in the corners.. I don't have the heart to kill most bugs anymore.. Scared centipedes I threatened into a corner demanding it to freeZe until I left. 
I had it trapped in a corner.:(
I was so scared of it but I didn't want to kill it:(
I did just kill an earwig though. And honestly think eating squirrel sounds pretty ok. But I vowed to never eat any new animals because I really think eating animals is gross. I see carcasses on the road and think - that's essentially what you eat. I remind myself of them while I eat. I think it is so disgusting. And yet I crave its texture and flavours. 
I don't think its based on nutrients though. I feel always I have surplus even when I'm tired; it's just an imbalance. 
I seriously fuxking digress; I've got this entire system that I play god in; primarily creating a mosquito free environment. Spider survival is key. And bees terrain should be separated ; never kill always remove.

I seriously believe messes in my house reproduce when nobody is watching.

And that birth exists at an intersection with another ejection?
As a newborn of any species ejects its vessel of growth, so too is a debris that once was a part of another ejecting from another reality. 

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