Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dream journal

I just stumbled across my old dream journals from 2004 and around there.

I don't remember writing most of them! One or two I vividly remember. I apparently also had a conversation with my neice in writing ; part of me thinks yah!.. That happened! Another part is like.. What the fuck?!

I wonder if maybe I wrote both sides pretending to be her..
What if she didn't remember it?
Would that indicate my lacking sanity?
Or simply that we both don't remember?

I wonder how much of my memory is accurate.. If I maybe misgauged or didn't quite process  the details at the time of recording.... My memory may be skewed as well.
Even if without the recording of my memory, the recollection would bring to light the misunderstandings.
Or maybe you wouldn't recall at all.

Can you maneuver that fine line.. Knowing when to both hold on to your memories, and knowing when to let them go?
Can you walk that tight rope?

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