Friday, October 4, 2013

Heaven : pearly cage

Do you believe someone is gone in death, or altered?

I say altered. They become everything around you. To me, reassurance after death is something along the lines of .. I can feel the deceased all around me, still alive through the trees and the wind.
To hear other say they are waiting somewhere for me upsets me because I don't want to feel obliged to be in one place to see loved ones.
It worries me that god loving people are really signing their souls away to a cage.. Like they actually may be gone... But the rest of the universe lives and thrives recycling its energy while you remain trapped... Or perhaps it wouldn't matter because you are happy there and your happiness is your most important thing. Only you can control it, and you. 
So happiness to those signing themselves to live in a.. "Equal billing" life stages.
Your captor, god, will protect you from the outer life forms outside his cage... Regardless of who they Are.. And own you in the process, forced to live for eternity choosing to live in gods pearly cage. 

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