Friday, October 4, 2013

Helping hands.

Do you like to help people?
... Do you know how to tell if people want to be helped? If they want your help?
Will you still help people if they don't want to be helped... Because they are clearly struggling; maybe you think they are just too proud to ask for help but really actually need it...
Or maybe you think that if you don't help they will fail, so you attempt to save them (like for example someone is trying to balance boxes and they look like they will tip in the next 2 seconds even if the person stood perfectly still - you are in such a position that a simple outreach would prevent the fall; do you only help people struggling if they ask for help?

Can you tell when a person is struggling with a project; and also struggling to ask for, or perhaps accept help...Or if they are struggling to keep focused and wanting only to not be distracted- focusing inwards on a personal goal.
Can you tell what separates these moments?
Perhaps you help them thinking, like with the boxes that the balance could not be kept - but had you NOT interfered, the balance still wouldn't have tipped.
Do you believe it is always good to help people?

Please leave your responses. I will reply to every one.
*begs mercifully*

I'm very motivated by validation or discussion. 
This is sad isn't it..
I'm sad:( I'm sad nobody ever leaves comments.
I've considered responding anonymously.
.... Or I wonder if ill ever respond without acknowledging.. Like sleep-commenting, or because I've been possessed.. Another part of me took control...😇


  1. I just stumbled upon this by accidentally clicking on your siggy. Very interesting reading. I will be back sometime. - krollins29

  2. I'm not really an extremely maternal person but there is definitely some weird mesh of a teacher/psychiatrist/mom in me. When I was in school my friends would call me "Therapist Ashley." Haha...

    Anyway, the point of telling you the above is to answer: yes I tend to always help whether the help is requested or not. I'm a fairly cynical person so a part of me feels like I can sense when other people are struggling internally... kind of how a lot of moms swear they know their kid is sick even before they start exhibiting any symptoms. I'm like that with ppl who are struggling... I'm drawn to them for some reason. I always try to steady the boxes for people. Sure, they might not lose their balance if I don't reach out but the guilt would eat at my soul if they did lose their balance (emotionally).

    I am proud and hardly ever ask for help... sometimes I resent the intrusion at first when a person provides unsolicited help. However, I can't think of a single time someone provided unsolicited help to me and I really stayed sour with them about it. So, call me pushy/nosey/over involved or whatever... everyone needs help sometimes and sometimes your the last person around who can help before the walls start crashing down around them. So, I tend to lend a hand when I can...


  3. Krollins thank you for stumbling in;)

    Arevans I can think of times where I've been quite disappointed receiving help, but I agree I've never held on to any negativity, mainly because i feel like if my path changed than it was meant to change..

    I tend to want to help people improve regardless of if they want to... Or see room for improvement.
    I see flaws easily:/
    Not my own of course that would just be too reasonable.

    But... I think, just because I think someone is doing something wrong or less effective than another way doesn't mean I'm right.. Which is the types of times where I'm bummed by help ; like if I was intent on using my mind powers to upright the boxes and I was right there.... Well no I'd just consider your help my mind powers...
    If I was intent on keeping the boxes balanced myself though; perhaps I'd been called a klutz too many times that day, and, by some miracle I was actually going to recover from the supposed imbalance... Which may have been all that was needed for a life long clumsiness cure, and your help prevented my ascension.

    Better luck next round.

    I was listening to the radio the other day about helping people who fell, the consensus was asking people if they were ok was just adding humility to pain... Unless they clearly needed help please (the host said) don't go running in like a hero. It's just embarrassing.

    At the same time what's wrong with a little humility? We all make mistakes.


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