Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Genetic molecule bumping???

So sometimes I feel ok I pretty much always feel like my skin is a .. Fitting around my skeleton.
So the muscles attach it, we all know, right?
But it's like the muscles attach the skin how it's pushed on. From the outside. So I grew up being raised from the outside. It was like they knew how I should look so they pushed all the pieces on in the right places and it was just supposed to be right but it was sloppy and not properly adhered and needed to be broken, then rebuilt from the inside. 
And I'm doing it, but its weird it's not KNOWN its saying currently my body; which looks as body like as every other body feels like it has a muscle pressure curve a degree off from where I FEEL like it should be, but I have no proof. And I have to apply a lot of pressure to alter it and sometimes it makes me feel funny but I don't feel RIGHT. I feel misplaced. This is the only thing that helps. 
 And I feel almost whole again, after so many breaks. 
But I never know. And I never have anyone to talk to about how do you know if your hair line is right?
And who would believe I alter my lines?
It's not that I never take chances it's just not knowing how far you can go.

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