Friday, September 12, 2014

Portal births part two. Such shame:/

One time, when I was pregnant and debating aborting- oh god I can't even remember how it happened but we were walking about the fetus and other shit and I had this weird thought about giving birth to a maggot (my house was in a really bad state - couldn't keep up with cleaning and it was  constant struggle just to keep it live able, primary reason for aborting/,could not take care of what already existed!!!!) anyways, then I see this little white thing on my phone and even though I am aware its a never before arm pinkish odd looking maggot - I squished it and said I didn't think it was a bug but I was so scared it had crawled out my crotch 

Then dh made a joke about how i had just given birth to a maggot.
And I was like OMG.

My house was filthy. I have much shame.

Significant improvements have been made. 
Because abortion.

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