Monday, September 22, 2014

My 15 year old Co OP "coworker" told me that fillings, when made of lead, would be like little satellites for signals and they would basically get really faint radio signals.

Sounds legit.

So I'm thinking, if you combine ; lead in your body (most older homes had lead paint ;anything prior to 70's. That's a lot of lead in the air and dust, that I'm sure we've all accumulated enough over time to possibly be catching radio signals 

And I have to interject my thoughts here because.... Aren't frequencies... Perspectives in a way, like different realms of existance?

So I wonder if its really the ears that hear... Or the alignment of the ears that open up the senses?
Oh and;;; I digress. So, maybe "earworms" are neither in your head, not mini worm holes TJ when that music was playing ( UNLESS that's precisely what wifi is) and our bodies have become transmitors, but weak still.  But actually just radio signal waves. 

And because I am smoking a little something called "rock star" I want to add; when I get into debates like this in real life I am told they can't debate me because its not logical but I think that's just poor debating. If it doesn't make sense than you should be actually unable to unwind it and spell out my flaws rather than just say its so flawed it can't be argued.
Yes or no?

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