Wednesday, June 12, 2013


So I was with two friends today.
I think, in a behind the scenes kinda way there was a threesome unknowingly offered.
After I was investigated by an undercover agent, for a crime  I may or may not have committed. And I've decided my overall number is 97 and 3. Circumstances in my life have a 97% or 3 percent (give or take a percent /occasional severe deviation.)
That makes less sense written out- I could feel a 97% chance of bad things happening. Or 3% sometimes for bad.. I guess I would say every step is a 3% but yikes. 

And what if I wanted ??? No idea where I was going with that!!

Anyways;  i digress. HERES WHERE MY STORY REALLY, specifically I ask them, as etiquetily as possible, if they thought that satan was equal to god.
And instantly I get this... *vibe* which very well could have been entirely manifested by my own fear of offending someone, so I cover it up real fast and say .. Oh... That was just a social expirement.. the people on DT said that was rude.. Right.  
And my friend asks, what's a social experiment? 
And I had of course no idea, so I diverted the question to other friend, who said "like, sexual?" 
I said.. No.. But then i realized i dont actually know what a social experiment OMG SEXUAL EXPERIMENT that's what he heard that's hilarious. He thought I was talking about sexual experiments ! makes sense now *click*

I said let me try-  well, sins I guess would include sex, so, that's taboo. That's bad so that's a social experiment. 
... Pretty much sums up how I described it. A lot of "hold on's" and "maybe.. Let me think" it was decisive.

But that's the gist. Oh and I asked my friend if she wanted some action I think. 
Bwahaha ha. Social / sexual. Language barriers suck (^^*~*randomly I'm going to say I think autism is just a language barrier too... But it's about either bringing the voices all together or spreading them out diversely on the spectrum. Can we work together to build a unanimous language?? 


That's what DT sent out to the world. 
Good job.

I have to pee from laughing at my own post so much. 
.. That's supposed to be in poor taste to admit isn't it?

Also regarding feedback- was that as funny after I edited it to make it cohesive?
I just want to know if I'm funny...

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