Monday, June 10, 2013

God or satan

Satan is lucifer who is a fallen angel for wishing to be as God.

Who do you side with?

Very simply translated 1 believes he is better than all, and some of all (assuming lucifer isn't the only) believe they are equal to 1.

What if god is simply your LITERAL father; Adam, if you will?
He is long dead, or perhaps an alien now living LIGHTYEARS AWAY, barely an hour has passed in his time, but as he lived here for many life times teaching his children of his unmatched godliness...
We continued to teach. An as we've evolved and taken in parts of the earth we have become far superior, especially on home base.

What if lucifer is the first son to stand up to his father and say, I don't want to be better than you, but I'd like to mate with another space alien And he shut off a service to this planet for us to live a life outside the universe.

What if aside from all of that, humans already exited and lucifer and god were both just a part of infinity amount of tiny little parasites mating within their own kinds (previously I've been imagining he's got several space hores who just can't keep their legs shut, this is their "hotel hour") and their home planet is amongst the earth not minds of our planet.

If you lived on another planet would earth be the equivalent for soil?
Like if humans were speaking universally, could we call it our earth, or would it be be better if I said soil?

If you had to pick lucifer or god, who would you pick?
If you could exist with OR without that influence, would you choose to benefit from it, or would it be a hindrance?

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