Saturday, June 15, 2013

What if it was predicted...

That the human race was on a fast path to extinction. If there was the opportunity and possibility to transform into a further developed species.. Would you choose to?
If you could receive enough artificial transplants to change your entire being to carry an Artificial gene; complete with artificial INTELLIGENCE- at the intelligence provided by the quality or newness of the transplant. Could you imagine the world?

I wonder what technology is doing to us..
Or, eat enough fucking chicken for dinner, suddenly, you got wings? I'm talking like.. 10,000 wings in a day - you would need SO much fat and energy to make the transformation...  That couldn't be enough. Or it would take a really long time.

But if there is like just a sweat bead of chicken energy in there, and you need a cups worth in an instant..

I wonder what GMO foods will do to us...
Or what if energy was just transferred through touch?
Most things are absorbed through the skin...
Petting an iguana with enough frequency you adapt scales?
I wonder what our weaknesses will morph with.
Or maybe instead of artificial genes, or hybrid genes.. Some humans adapt to the trees? Constantly touching nature. I think the Concept of nature, as we currently know it to be, is on its final journey. I think when the leaves fall next, artificial or hybrid connections will form.. I think the path is already formed... But still "setting up" so to speak.
I can feel the groundwork being lain.
Natural will be prehistoric soon...

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