Saturday, June 29, 2013


Dexterity is so important in self care.
Could you imagine not having the dexterity to wash your own body? Scratch an itch you can't reach?
And most painfully when the person you ask to help you insists they cannot, or are genuinely unable to understand you?

Is self care more or equally as important as education or mental stimulation?
If they carried two thirds the weights of a wheel, and social awareness carried the remaining third
--would they be equal weights or no?
What is the dividing line between the three?
Body maintenance; such as clothing/dressing, excersize, diet possibly, dental care, eye care, shaving/waxing/plucking, nails, bathing?

Communications - being able to make individual sounds or communicating effectively? Are these things you learn to keep your comprehension of language stimulated, or to make sure you are part of society, or is it something you do because it is essential to your life?

Or are they all essential to life?
... Again I come back to, are they equally essential then?

This is like.. 1/10 this whole thought but I can't follow all my directions.

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