Thursday, June 13, 2013


I always enjoy finding new places to vacuum. You have the standards; under the bed, behind the appliances, maybe get the bulk off blinds, if you let it build up that much... I never..........
But I get excited when I find new places. We moved in here 4 years ago with all the appliances (and some of their stuff) already here. It's 36 stairs, 5 split levels. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, spacious kitchen and spacious living room, with a little dining area in between. Basement, crawl space, laundry room.. And lastly the tiny strip of hallway with closet "front room" I've never ever thoroughly cleaned the house from top to bottom, as much as I deeply desire to. It's too much for my tiny muggle self. But it means I get to find these hidden crevices ever so often:)

Last year, our washing machine broke and it was the first time I had access to behind that - and discovered several hidden objects under!

Today, I realized the back of the dryer is just a wall of holes with lint all trapped beneath. Such a satisfying vacuum:)

Of course, nothing beats the calmness brought on by freshly vacuumed air:)
..assuming I didn't vacuum up enough particles to rip a hole in the universe:)

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