Sunday, April 28, 2013

Am I a good driver?

Sometimes I'm in the right frame of mind and I'm like.. *zoom zoom* (not in the Mazda though that was stick; that was all.. "Shit I stalled again") and I can weave in and out on the highway at like.. 130ish an hour and be feeling awesome and in the Zone...

Other times its more "oh shit!"...

*wipes other car clean and drives off*(I was 17. They were practically blocking me in. It was wrong)

.. Or. "I don't know what to do- Im hooked on the front bumper.
I CAN'T DRIVE OFF". (22.. I just don't drive now. And I park really far away from other cars. But also I have a tiny car now, I used to drive a boat, and my golden baby. I miss my truck 😭.. And at 27 I hope I would stay. )

I went to the cops that time:/. He was like "oh it's good you came here, most people drive off" I was like "it seems I don't know how to"

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