Saturday, April 20, 2013

Countdown to 4:20

The morning Is lazy, and I think what the heck? This weather is gloomy, and I don't feel the power. But now as I see it, I feel its too soon.
I'm ready and raring - but the party can't start.
I feel a step closer, like tomorrow's the day, and I think of reptilians, invading presidential hosts, And paristitic aliens are the fear they are based on, but relly, 67% of South Americans have the parasite.. As I truly do wonder if that's what a soul. Is, that's what gives is our charge.
Our minds are but complex computers, they just need a source.
But can our minds choose our source?
Can we decide upon a parasite controlling us for mutual benefits?
Can we choose instead for a vitamin to propel us? Perhaps a quality of a quartz crystal (said to be the life force of Atlantians) is what provides life for some humans, and parasites - others.
Perhaps we have more controls?
Some exterior - controlling you (I'd like to edit this to add a photo from superman where an alien sticks a tentacle into the mouths I think of the people in smallville, and they all live under the aliens control?
Is our sun the only energy source? Are we all at the bidding of a sun- just believing its not intentionally controlling us?

Are we literally zombies at night? Is the moon it's own source of giving us life?

Why don't animals create technology on their own?
Occasionally monkies have... To a minor extent, but its not as predominant as with humans.. It's pretty much not dominant at all.
Does it have anything to do with them having ingrown weapons and shields?

I lose track of my point - but my point not forgotten- 4:20 approaches, ascension ablaze.
I sometimes forget that I'm early- and I believe that you are late.

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