Friday, April 19, 2013

Master Monsanto

Which is worse - the food or the policy?

Can you separate the issues?

If I am re growing a vegetable stalk like Pinterest has shown me to do, that was produced with Monsanto patented genetic modifications am I -as a Canadian, or would I be if I was American - breaking the law?

Will Monsanto be the cause of world war three? How can a person or company force other countries to pay for their genetic mutations infiltrating others crops? Will he try?

Michele, this is for you
Sometimes I want to suggest art to you.
Like right now I'm picturing a stage with Obama as a what's it called.. Not marsupial - marrionate. Marrionate. I'm spelling it wrong.
Anyways with Monsanto controlling the strings. Obama is blue and very sad, and Monsanto is red, and gleefull looking.
And the stage is dark and gloomy.
That's just what I picture. I wish I could send you the image to draw.. And offer you money for your services.

Definition of whore right?
Monsanto will turn us all into prostitutes.

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