Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm drunk

I'm starting my blog while I am drunk.

Because that's when I am most courageous.
I constantly second guess myself thinking of every single perspective that could possibly be offended by MY perspective.
There are lots of you, and to you I say :: deal with it.
I'm not "normal" but I'm happy with who I am.
I find myself to be enjoyable company. No other required!
But simultaneously, I LOVe company.
Come over. Entertain me. Make my day.
I am odd and think of unusual things, but I Always have joy to give you,
If I have no joy, please offer me some- because I can take a smidgen and turn it into a Dallop. Ad a Dallop into an ounce.

(Sober edit - I don't really have much joy to give actually that's a lie. I'm not bubbly.. But, I do have a lot of good shit to offer... Like peace in hard times.. Understanding.. Compassion.. I just thought I was being poetic in the last two sentences. :))

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