Saturday, April 13, 2013

Parasites (take 2). Just to show a more raw perspective. Unedited as the first.. Mostly because its so dirty I don't know where to start cleaning up lol)

Ok so from what I gather; our skin is home to "skin flora" or bacteria, virii, we are just a Huge embodiment of life thriving while other tinier life forms thrive on us.
Well! I welcome those other life forms. Often enough, we are "mutually beneificial" like spiders eating other bugs. Fucking killing spiders- they are a homes army.
So I enjoy germs.
I shower cosistently, I just don't soap from head to toe.
I appreciate the mutations they do to cells in my body, allowing to me acquire qualities the parasites find beneficial...
It's like, we have multiple realities to our single universe, and while most people tend them off with soap or antibacterials, other, like me, are welcoming and saying hey. What's up. i feel strongly about this but let's see how we'll we can work together.
I have no problem saying "you are the weakest link. Goodbye"
But it far from my favorite expression.

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