Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sad fly

There is a fly in my house trying to crawl up my glass door. He gets so far, then starts.. Well, it looks like he is getting electrocuted.
Or perhaps like he is pushing against an electric force field and instead of falling he flew maniacally before dropping , often all the way to the bottom. 😢
He keeps trying, like he's an athlete training he has to make it to the top, but he's clearly weary and being smacked against the door repeatedly at these outbursts of energy.
The highest he has gotten is halfway up..
But when I was watching him he wasnt even getting 1/4 of the way. I stopped watching, I wondered if I was giving off a pulse because he kept falling so low, with consistency in location.

Ok he's half way right now!

3/4 of the way. I feel myself dropping with him each time he drops.. Struggling to push upwards as he does.

There is a larger fly at the top. I opened the door *my* fly is trying so hard to ascend, so he could have access at the top.
I wonder if they reach each other, and mate - if I changed the path of life? Perhaps these flies carry a virus, or learn to control the human mind?
I wonder if the human species would advance with flies at the human control center.. Crawling in when you are sleeping..

Is their spawn in my control?
If I trap them between the doors until they starve.. If I squish one, or both. If I let them mate and offer them home? Should I make a choice in controlling the outcome?

Here I thought the question was which door? But today its which door set, in which sequence?

(As an aside- I completely forgot about the flies after writing this.
If a fly virus kills us all.. Sorry. )

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