Monday, April 22, 2013

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It's alive!!!
Seriously is that normal for dead vines to rejuvenate? I would have thought they would just become compost for the berries??

I'm having images of zombie strawberries not unlike the zombie carrots in monsters vs aliens.. Was I supposed to prune these back, and will my strawberries change at all because I didn't? Will they still be normal, edible strawberries?

I often visualize hybrid-produce.
Strawberries I mix with the marijuana plant and green onion - the stems obviously the onion, the leafy crown would be pot.

Would that not make the most awesomely potted edible life you could eat?

I worry the tastes would overlap though...
Green onion- strawberry doesn't appeal.
It should be ok if the flavor only mixed near where it converges.. You can pop off the green onion stem and cut out the pot flowering... Because strawberry flavored pot sounds like a tasty smoke.

Edit:: it totally died.

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