Saturday, April 13, 2013

Others or you; who's judgement matters?

So I was hanging with my friends (yah I have a few) and one of them wanted it borrow a marker to right "green" and "day" on her hands.
She, and myself and another, held our hands out imaging ourselves revealing our decal'ed hands,
Discussing who would be writing the letters, herself, or her boyfriend.
So I ask her the obvious question I see: do you plan on writing this for other people or for yourself?
Obviously the direction will matter.
She says others, so we agree the writing should be facing out.
Will, I have it question- do you hold your hands tips up to show others. Palms in your face, (or lower) with exuberation!
Or do you hold your hands down, expecting others to avert their eyes.

Is that why? I ponder the reasoning why some splay their fingers upwards, and others down.

I wonder if it has to do with others precepts; like, of they look up to others they splay them in front of their face.or if they look down to others they splay them down.
I love the word splay

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