Saturday, April 6, 2013


what is it about Humans that make us, us?
Or bodies thriving with millions of bacteria?
Our mind, being controlled by a parasitic creature?
Our possibly non-existent soul?
What inside us tells us to remove the parasites, wash away the bacteria, kill the virus (of which only 99% are harmful)
I wonder if our existence without any other life teeming amongst our organs be as fulfilling as it is now.

Are the life forms encroaching upon our bodies what are evolving, giving us technology they can only think - but direct our bodies to build?
Our bodies have hardly changed a lick since we've stood straight up.
Seems like someone's finding year bodies useful.
Do you know who's maneuvering your body?

What if parasites are aliens?
What if people go crazy on the full moon, because its some kind of prime time for them to infect their hosts?

What if their apparent lack of function is just the parasite biding its time until it plans to take over our minds, and all other minds- zombifying us, and utilizing our bodies?
What if some bodies have already been taken over by these parasites.. Perhaps the intelligence of our species is actually in the parasites, and while they keep themselves from being tested, they are already taking over?

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