Saturday, April 27, 2013

Make it what you want

If you feel energy- do you try to decide what it is?
Like for example... Do you feel like.. "Fear prickling your spine"?

Or do you feel a sense of energy and use it towards your goals?

Basic example but if I were to say, go to the kitchen to get a drink and I felt a fear of what would happen..but instead of internalize that fear and letting it stifle me, i use it as just neutral energy that I decide to use towards positive energy - and use it to propel past my fear?
Such as.. Fear of the darkness, and walking into it..
Or fear of stranger and preparing to defend..
Acknowledging the initial wave but converting it to your needs.

I right now feel like courage and ascension are the same thing- Both to an extreme degree, just that they are on the same field.

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